Little Dacha at Deus Ex Machina Venice

It is with delight that we are finally hosting patrons at the Emporium here in Venice ... again. 

It seems like a lifetime away where meeting friends and family for social gatherings was something we could plan our days around. Luckily for us, the proverbial tide has shifted from months of morbid moods in LA, and into a more of a normal setting here! 

With all this new energy in the LA metropolis, we figured to surprise our friends in the local community with a unique food pop-up from Little Dacha. 

The Deus X Little Dacha menu consisted out three main items from feta & mozzarella blend and organic egg to wild Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Gerb & Black Winter Truffle Oil. Needless to say, the menu blew our crowd away and sold out in a little over two hours after opening. 

Chef Emily smashed the event and we couldn't be more excited to host her in the future, you won't want to miss another!

Also, a big shout out goes to Jason No and the entire café staf at Emporium who made this event a safe place to relax and enjoy some incredible food.

All photos: @tylerxjay

A little more about Little Dacha:

Little Dacha is a Russian inspired cuisine where the menu focuses on rustic food, hoping to situate between high and low brow - hearty and yet wholesome. The concept also aims to showcase the complex connections from the countries that consisted of the Soviet Union, including the East and West influences that intertwined. Through time, Little Dacha hopes to deliver wood-fire driven dishes, highlighting botany and foraging, as well as the polarity between aristocratic and so called, 'gipsy' cuisine, dauphine and tzigane.  




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